Sunland Contract Labor

Sunland Temporary Staffing

At Sunstaff, we specialize in the placement of temporary employees to meet your ever-changing business requirements. Our goal is to offer a customized labor plan to enhance your current, full time staff. This includes ongoing labor management solutions or “peak labor” in a seasonal marketplace.

Engineered Solutions

Temp Agencies Greenville, SC

Our Industrial engineering group works directly with our clients to develop operational procedures and KPI’s in order to maximize labor utilization and minimize labor costs.

Temporary Staffing

Temp Agencies Charleston, SC

For labor solutions on an “as-needed basis”, our workforce is available immediately for short term, flexible or seasonal needs as your business requires.


Temp Agencies in the Southeast Special projects may be staffed and/or managed by contract employees in our facilities or yours. Services include contract packaging, returns processing, recoup and product inspection.

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